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Emergency Loans

Seemingly out of the blue, you’re stuck with a bunch of surprise bills and expenses. We’ve all been in this situation where we need emergency loans, like the ones available at Get My Pay Today. Our emergency loans Canada are paid out almost instantly and are available when you need emergency money fast.

What is an Emergency Loan Used For?

Emergency loans are for people who have to deal with unexpected payments. Our cash advances pay out within 45 minutes, providing near-instant relief from financial troubles. To make the process even faster, you only have to complete an online form to apply. 

Of course, our emergency loans Canada are only meant for dire situations. We recommend you don’t borrow more than you need to avoid potentially getting into more debt. You also can’t apply for a new loan until you’ve repaid your previous one, and we suggest you don’t take out extra loans with other institutions.

What If I Have a Low Credit Score?

The primary benefit of our emergency loans Canada is the lack of a credit score check. If you desperately need a cash advancement, we can provide it regardless of your borrowing history. When times are tough, you sometimes have no choice but to take out a larger loan than you can afford. It can be all too easy to suddenly end up with a bad credit score. If your rating is 500 or lower, banks can outright deny you a much-needed loan. We don’t believe that your past should get in the way of receiving the support you need. Instead of conducting a credit check, we analyze your current income to see whether you can pay us back or not. We also offer various services to provide emergency loans for people with bad credit.

Rebuild Your Credit

A low credit rating can lead to higher interest rates, making it difficult to afford new loans and raise your score. If you’ve been denied a regular credit card, you can deposit money into our secured card and use it to grow your rating.

No Credit Check Emergency Loans

Anyone can apply for our emergency loans for bad credit without worrying about their past financial activities. Since we don’t check credit ratings, your current score won’t be affected by our emergency loans Canada.

Do I Qualify for an Emergency Loan?

Our emergency cash lenders look at a few criteria to ensure you are safe to lend to. Your ability to repay is based on your current income details. To qualify for emergency loans Canada, you shouldn’t have many NSF (non-sufficient funds) payments in your account. Other qualifying conditions include:

  • Have a valid chequing account for at least three months;
  • Be employed full-time for at least three months;
  • Receive payment by direct deposit;
  • Not be involved in bankruptcy or have a wage garnishment.

How Do I Apply for an Emergency Loan?

The main benefit to emergency loans Canada is its straightforward application procedure. You can submit your loan request in just three simple steps:

  1. Submit your details on our form;
  2. Wait for your application’s approval;
  3. Receive you emergency loan.

Loan sizes range from $300 to $3,000, so you don’t have to borrow more than you can afford. This and all other required information can be entered into our online form. Once completed, hit submit to get a loan in minutes.

What are My Repayment Options?

There are three options for repaying emergency loans Canada:

  1. Weekly or bi-weekly payments;
  2. Minimum weekly fee plus any extra portion of the loan amount;
  3. Minimum weekly fee plus full outstanding loan amount.

If you find that you can’t pay on time for any reason, get in touch with us at least 48 hours in advance. Any missed payments will result in a $40 fee, and unpaid installments will be moved to the end of your repayment period. Since we don’t do credit checks, delayed payments won’t affect your credit rating.

What Types of Emergency Loans Are Available?

No matter your situation, our range of emergency loans Canada can help you out of financial troubles.

Payday Loan

Sometimes your regular paycheque just isn’t enough to pay off any additional expenses alongside your monthly ones. Payday loans provide that extra boost, and you don’t need to make your first repayment until your following payday.

Debt Consolidation

Having multiple debts scattered between various cards and loans can be extra costly. Instead of taking out multiple loans, debt consolidation organizes your debt into a single low-interest payment.

Short Term Loan

In an emergency, you can’t afford to wait up to two weeks for a loan. Short term loans provide the funds you need in under 45 minutes. They are also affordable to help reduce your overall debt.

No-Document Loan

Collecting and submitting documents for an application is a lengthy process. Emergency loans Canada uses Instant Bank Verification to check your financial records without documents.

No-Refusal Loan

Being denied a loan you’ve waited weeks for can lead to serious money problems. Our no-refusal emergency loans are not only processed on the same day but also can’t be rejected. This gives you guaranteed access to funds to pay off any unexpected debts.


Get My Pay Today’s emergency loans Canada provides instant financial assistance regardless of your situation. We can’t always plan for unexpected events, and our cash advancements let you quickly get out of debt.

Whether you have a bad credit score or need a loan immediately, our instant emergency loans are available to everyone. You can receive much-needed funds within 45 minutes, thanks to our fast online applications and 17 years of industry experience.

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