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Short term loan

Life holds many surprises for us that can lead us into complicated financial situations. The only way out is to find the money right away. Faster and easier to obtain than a traditional loan, the short-term loan makes it possible to cope with temporary financial difficulties. Here are the different short term loan formulas offered by Get My Pay Today.

Cash advance

If you need the money and don't have the time to wait for your bank to approve a loan or the deadlines it imposes to release the money, the cash advance is perfect for your situation.

You simply have to make a request by specifying the amount you want, between $300 and $3,000, and attach your supporting documents so our agents can study your file and give you an immediate response.

Payday loan

Do you have to pay an unexpected expense like an urgent bill to pay, medical expenses not covered or a repair on your house or car? Payday loans are the solution.

This gives you a very quick loan that allows you to deal with the situation, and you pay it off when you get your next paycheque.

The bad credit loan

Aimed at people who have a low credit score, the bad credit loan is a no credit check loan which makes it possible to obtain the money taking the borrower’s current situation into account.

Rather than being based on an inquiry and your credit score, we analyze your repayment capacity and lend you even if you have a bad credit score.

Credit card for bad credit

Rebuilding your credit when you have a bad score can seem like a long time. But it’s a useful step which will make it possible in the future to obtain loans more easily and on better terms, which it is also possible to accelerate.

Indeed, it’s not only the bad credit loan that is aimed at people with a low credit score. The credit card for bad credit, also known as guaranteed credit card or secured credit card, is one way to get points back on your score faster. All you have to do is use the card regularly, for groceries for example, and pay the installments on time.

Debt consolidation

The small debts that accumulate on credit cards and various loans are very expensive because they usually carry expensive interest rates.

Debt consolidation has three major advantages: it allows you to consolidate your debts, to benefit from better interest rates and therefore lower the cost of credit, and to repay debts on a regular basis.

If you have an urgent need for money, send us your online request without delay: you can get an agreement in less than an hour and once your contract is signed, you will receive your funds by email transfer in under 45 minutes.

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