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Installment Loans in Canada

Get My Pay Today provides you with urgent installment loans in Canada through one of the simplest procedures you will ever see. With us, you can borrow money within your limit and get a loan when you need it the most. We offer installment loans in Canada through our online platform, which is convenient and fast.

How our installment loans can help you?

With our short-term loans, you can build a better financial future. The high success rates show just how efficient we are, but there is more. We have helped thousands of Canadians by combining our commitment and seamless enhancements on our official website. 

What are Installment Loans in Canada?

An installment loan is fairly different from other types of loans. The installment loan is a typical cash advance loan whose repayment is through a fixed number of regular and equal payments. You should complete the repayments during a set period. 

The repayment schedule of installment loans will be completed with two or more instances. On the contrary, other types of loans, such as the payday loan, are repaid with a single payment. 

Get online installment loans with Get My Pay Today

Get My Pay Today is a lender that offers you installment payday loans through an online platform. You apply online for the loan, and it will be deposited into your account within 24 hours of your application getting approved. 

The best part of applying online for an installment loan is that it offers a quicker and simpler solution to obtaining funds like emergency loans from conventional lenders. This provides the best help whenever you are faced with a financial emergency. 

When should you apply for installment loans in Canada? 

Apply online for installment loans and get to use the funds as you may wish. No restrictions are enforced on how you use this type of loan as the borrower. You are free to:

  • Make urgently needed home repairs
  • Make repayments on your debts 
  • Get a damaged car back on the road in excellent condition 
  • Pay for medical bills that are urgent, e.g., for surgery
  • Make a down payment for a car or property you want to purchase
  • Debt consolidation

Advantages of Installment Loans from Online Lenders 

Online installment loans offer you a soft landing when things seem tight. Considering you want to access quick cash, we offer you much-needed funds. Some other notable benefits include;

  • Competitive rates

At Get My Pay Today, we offer some of the lowest interest rates to our clients. We understand the rules and regulations that guide installment loans in Canada, and we follow them to the latter to give our clients the best experience. 

  • Flexible repayment terms

Unlike other types of online loans, online installment loans offer you an opportunity to plan your loan repayment. Fortunately for you, multiple repayment schedules are easy to follow through. Other types of loans are repaid with one settlement which may not always work in your favor.

  • High approval rates

There is a high chance that your installment loan application will be successful. At Get My Pay Today, there are fewer restrictions on the processing of your loan application requests. We are dedicated to providing you with financial assistance; hence you should remain optimistic each time you apply for an installment loan in Canada. 

Why Choose Get My Pay Today for Your Installment Loans Online? 

Get My Pay Today Is a highly recommended lender for installment loans and other types of online loans. What do we do right? 

Our technique has seen us beat our rivals and offer exceptional loan advancing services to our customers. The following reasons explain why we are the best online lender to borrow from:

  • Instant loan provision 

We are the best financial assistance company, especially when you need instant cash. You can complete our quick application process within a couple of minutes. Typically, we process your bad credit loans requests within a couple of minutes. Then, the funds are electronically sent by the end of the business day. 

  • The quality customer care team

Our customer care team is one of the best in the region. At Get My Pay Today, you will interact with the best and effective customer care team. We understand your needs and can advise you on the best financial solution. 

  • Rates that you can work with

We strive to charge the best rates for personal loans and other short-term loans in the market to ensure the affordability of loans we advance to our clients. Interest rates charged on installment loans in Canada can never go lower than what we offer!

  • Dynamic personal loan limits

Each customer that borrows personal installment loans from us and pays within the set time will see their loan limit increase significantly. Our flexible technicality ensures that you can qualify for a higher loan amount after repaying a loan you took. 

How to get installment loans in Canada? 

Online application for an installment loan is complete within the following steps:

  1. Click on the online loan application button on the Get My Pay Today official website.
  2. Fill in the online form providing your personal and bank details. Personal information required includes: your full name, national ID number, address, and current employment status. 
  3. Indicate the loan amount that you want to borrow
  4. Wait for the verification of the application- one of our customer care staff will call or email you to verify the personal installment loan application.
  5. Read and sign an electronic loan agreement that is forwarded to you.
  6. Receive the installment loan in your active bank account. The loan will be deposited into the bank account you had indicated in the application form. 

Need a loan for any project ?

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What Get My Pay Today can do for you

Immediate relief

Your need can't wait and you absolutely must get help? File your request and get your cash within an hour after signing the contract. If you would like to receive your loan faster, come and meet us directly at our offices. Our bad credit personal loan brokers have been in the business for 17 years, they will give you your money in 30 minutes, speed is one of the most important values of Get My Pay Today, rest assured.

Adapting to your needs

You can choose the amount you wish to borrow. By offering you loans from $300 to $3000, you benefit from the highest short-term credit limits in our industry.

Transparency and honesty

You won't have any hidden fees, our 3-step loan process is fast, confidential and secure. Our brokers will give you all the information you need and will always be available to answer your questions.

Contact Get My Pay Today for Your Installment Loans in Canada

Contact us to take advantage of our fully streamlined online installment loan application. We guarantee that you will get an installment loan as you need and will be served by the best customer care reps despite your credit score. 

Apply for a no credit check installment loan at the most inexpensive rates and get to repay it through a series of schedules. You can apply through the website form and get fast approval. This should be less stressful considering the time you are given to repay the loan.

How to apply for an installment loan in Canada

Submit informations

Fill in your information

Fill out the application form online. The form will ask some personal financial questions (like your monthly salary, and documents verifying that you have a bank account in Canada). You will also have the option to request a specific amount, up to $3,000.

Receive Approval

Receive an answer quickly

Our brokers will review your application and get back to you within 24 hours. You will generally be contacted within an hour of sending your files. If you prefer to talk directly to someone, contact our brokers today, and they will process an application for you. Our brokers are always at your service. 

Get your money

Get your cash

As soon as your application is approved by our brokers, the money will be sent directly to your bank account. Apply for a loan now and receive your money within 24 hours! 


The bad credit loan is a temporary financial solution. It allows you to have some breathing room without having to pass through a thorough credit score check. 

Your request will be answered within one hour after submitting your application. If your request is made before 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., our agents will contact you on the same day.

You can check your credit score for free once a year by visiting Equifax Canada or TransUnion  and requesting your free credit report. You will receive your report by mail. 

If you have a credit score between 300 and 575 then you have bad credit. While there are many things you can do to improve your credit, if you need a loan to help meet your financial obligations in the short term then you will need to work with an alternative lender because banks will not offer you credit. 

The credit score is a number between 300 and 900 that indicates the creditworthiness of a consumer. The higher the score, the easier it is to borrow money or get approved for a loan. 

When you apply for a loan with a bank, the lending institution will almost always conduct a credit investigation with an institution such as Equifax. It will be used to determine how risky it is for them to lend you money.

There is no single credit scoring model used by all the credit agencies and banks in Canada. Instead, several factors affect your creditworthiness, including: 


    • Payment history. Are you ever late on your bills? If you miss a payment, it will have a negative impact on your creditworthiness, but regular on-time payments will improve it. 
    • Amount owed. If you have maxed out your existing credit (including credit cards or a line of credit) then banks are less likely to want to give you another loan. In short, the less you owe the better. 
  • Type of credit. How many types of credit accounts do you have? It’s advisable to have a mix in type of credit, from credit cards to retail accounts to a mortgage. 
  • New loans. The number and amount you have received in new loans over the past six months to a year. 
  • Length of credit history. The longer you have taken credit, the more information banks and credit agencies have about your payment patterns. 


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