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Card for bad credit: rebuild credit.

A good credit rating can save you money when you borrow. Restoring your credit quickly is possible with a secure credit card.

A card for bad credit: what is it?

A secured credit card, or secured credit card, allows you to set up a line of credit yourself by making a deposit of the amount you want. For example, if you make an initial deposit of $300, your limit will be set at $300. It allows you to restore your credit rating if you are not eligible for a regular credit card at a bank.

Are you a newcomer or a young Canadian? This card is also for you. Many banks refuse to lend money to people who do not have a credit history.

So this is an opportunity to start building it up safely. Don't wait any longer and order your secured credit card now.

Why is a good credit rating essential?

Whether it's to buy your new car or to meet an unexpected need, you will definitely need to borrow money. Banks will lend to you in different ways depending on your credit rating, which the credit bureaus give you a score between 300 and 900. Above 700, you will be able to negotiate favorable terms when you borrow.

Between 500 and 700, you will be able to get a loan, but it will cost more. If your rating is below 500, it will be harder for you to get credit. A secured card is, therefore, a highly recommended option to rebuild your credit quickly.

Improving your credit: how does it work?

First of all, you can find out your credit rating free of charge via Equifax or TransUnion. You can thus have a better idea of your credit history. Now that you know where you stand, it's time to take action to improve your score. It's a long-term job, but it can be done.

To increase your score, you need to pay off your accumulated debts and use a credit card frequently with the idea of paying it back on time. A simple technique is to make your small daily purchases on credit and pay them back immediately. In this way, you avoid the risk of late payments. A bad credit card allows you to automatically pay back these daily expenses.

If you need to borrow a larger amount, consider a loan without a credit check. It will make it easier to get a loan and prevent your credit rating from falling further in the short term.

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Why choose Get My Pay Today?

Improve your credit at your own pace

Build or improve your credit rating at your own pace by deciding how much you want to deposit as collateral on your account. You set your own limit based on your goals and abilities.

Caring support

The Get My Pay Today team of brokers has been working for 17 years to improve the financial health of Canadians. Talk to us about your concerns and let us help you with our expertise in credit enhancement.

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Call us now to transmit your personal information and open your file in order to receive your bad credit card. You can also visit our offices if you wish to meet us in person.

Receive Approval

Choose your credit limit

Once your file is open, you can make the deposit you want. This amount will determine the limit on your new credit card, which you can use immediately.

Get your money

Start using your new card

Once your deposit is made, you can use your secure card to start improving your credit quickly.


You are free to choose the amount to deposit on your secure card. Adjust the amount according to your daily expenses, think about how much you use for groceries, gas, small bills and more.
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