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Get Payday loans in Edmonton

Are you located in Edmonton and you find yourself needing a quick cash infusion in your monthly budget? Are you facing an unexpected expense that is due before you receive your paycheck? Getting a payday loan in Edmonton is the solution for you. Get My Pay Today is here to assist you. You can get the funds you need deposited in your account in 24 hours. 

What is a payday loan in Edmonton?

By definition, a payday loan is a small, short term loan. It is a custom-made temporary solution for your short term financial needs. The amount allowed when you get a payday loan in Alberta cannot be over $3,000, and it must be paid in totality once the borrower received their next paycheck. It is an extremely convenient way to fix a temporary financial issue, and thousands of people use them daily.

Are you looking for payday loans in Edmonton?

If you are looking for payday loans in Canada, Get My Pay Today is the right partner. There are no credit checks and fees with an application with us. The rules for payday lending depends on where you live. Get My Pay Today follows the rules in force in Alberta.

What are the benefits of getting a payday loan in Edmonton?

Payday loans are useful when certain situations arise, such as unexpected bills and other expenses. It helps to: 

  • Avoid getting NSF fees from pre-authorized payments that could bounce
  • Cover any sort of emergency expense within minutes
  • Pay any outstanding bill
  • Help you to keep a good credit
  • Use for daily expenses.


At Get My Pay Today, through our great customer service, we look forward to assisting you with your financial emergencies. If you need payday loans in Edmonton, contact our online lenders today. We propose payday loans with no hidden charges.

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Get the funds for your payday loans in Edmonton

To grant you the payday loan, we have to check your employment and get your banking information, so we could deposit the funds in your account. Given that we do not do any credit checks, unlike traditional lenders, such as banks, our process for approving an application is faster, and more efficient. Contact us today and receive up to $3000 loan with no credit check the same day.

No credit checks

At Get My Pay Today, we do not do any credit checks. We will not consult your credit history or credit rating, since our process is quite different from traditional banks. If you have a bad credit history or credit score, you can still apply with us for a payday loan. 

address proof

The company Get My Pay Today helps thousands of Canadians every year

Get My Pay Today is a serious payday lender for 17 years. We don’t do business the way banks do, and we still help thousands of Canadians every year with online loans. If you need payday loans in Edmonton, give us a call or go to our website, and we will assist you!

Need a loan for any project ?

Eligibility criteria for your online payday loan application

Unlike banks, we have set up our own eligibility criteria to ease the loan application process and help you get the funds as quickly as possible.

Payday loan application process

If you need payday loans in Edmonton, we will not do any credit check on consumers, but we will need: 

  • Your banking information on an account that’s been opened for at least 3 months
  • Proof of income, through a pay stub and that you have been employed for at least 6 months
  • Proof of address using a bill or a lease under your name
  • To verify that you are at least 18 years old


After filling up the payday loan online application, you will get a loan decision within 24 hours.

Need a loan for any project ?

How will I get the funds on my account in the Canadian City, Edmonton?

The online loan application can be done within minutes on your phone. You can go and apply today by filling out the application form. One of our lenders will then contact you and within an hour, you will have your quick approval. Since we do not check your credit score, there is a high likelihood your application will be approved. Contact us today and get payday loans in Edmonton.

Receive your quick funds within 24 hours

Once it is approved and based on our history of approving thousands of day loans to help Canadians, the funds will be deposited directly in your bank account. If you fill an application within business day, you will receive the funds the same day, if it is done after our business hours, you will receive the loan agreement and the funds the following day. 

Are Payday Loans Legal in Edmonton?

Yes, they are! They are permitted under section 347.1 of the Criminal Code. At Get My Pay Today, we abide by the law and the Payday Loan Industry and are here to help you with your situation. We strongly recommend you look through payday loan regulations in Alberta to understand better what payday loans are and how they work. The rules and regulations to get personal loans can vary between provinces.

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Contact Get My Pay Today for payday loans in Edmonton

At Get My Pay Today, we have seasoned, professional lenders who are ready and eager to help you with your specific situation and propose you several borrowing options. Our professionalism, due-diligence and excellent customer service are at your disposal, and we are here to offer you payday loans in Edmonton. You can even apply with a bad credit score and get your funds within minutes.

If you find yourself in a dire situation, and you need a fast infusion of cash to your budget, contact our experts in lending.

Apply today for payday loans in Edmonton

Need a loan for any project ?

A Payday Loan in Edmonton

An adaptation to your needs

With amounts ranging from $300 to $3000, you can benefit from the highest credits on the loan market. Choose the amount you need when you apply and receive it in less than an hour.

A real desire to help you

At Get My Pay Today, the network of private lenders does not hesitate to help you when the banks no longer trust you. Your future is our priority; your past should not prevent you from moving forward. by applying for our loan without investigation, you avoid your credit history from impacting your future .

Contact Get My Pay Today for your payday loans in Edmonton

Apply for an instant loans in Canada on Get My Pay Today’s official website. We typically process every loan application request within a couple of minutes. Considering our high success rates on online applications, your money is just a few hours away. So yes, you can apply for a loan and get the funds even with a bad credit history. 

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